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HRH Joseph David (HRH DAVID II) Jeremiah

HRH Joseph David (HRH DAVID II) Jeremiah


International Court of Justice

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Hong Kong

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Notice of Jurisdiction:
Sovereign State under Divine Law
"A sovereign state is generally defined to be any nation or people, whatever may be the form of its internal constitution, which governs itself independently of foreign powers. The supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power by which an independent state is governed and from which all specific political powers are derived; the intentional independence of a state, combined with the right and power of regulating its internal affairs without foreign interference.and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states.[2] It is also normally understood to be a state which is neither dependent on nor subject to any other power nor state.[3] The existence or disappearance of a state is a question of fact.[4] While according to State recognition, a sovereign state can exist without being recognized by other sovereign states, unrecognized states will often find it hard to exercise full treaty-making powers and engage in diplomatic relations with other sovereign states. Some non-recognized sovereign states are recorded and recognized under the United Nations General Assembly observers / divine law and or the Holy See.

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Board Trustee


Dates Employed – Present

Employment Duration 19 yrs 1 mo

Location Shenzhen, Guangdong, China and Hong Kong

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One World Media.
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Crown Prince - Royal House of David - Tribe of Judah Trustee


Dates Employed – Present

Employment Duration 36 yrs 10 mos

Location HONG KONG S.A.R.

Decendent of His Royal Highness King David Bin Jesse, Tribe of Judah AND Israelite. A Trustee and heir of the Royal Dynasty. Holder of the Keys and the seals. Holder and Keeper of many of the ancient artifacts.

The term “Israel” here encompasses a united kingdom that included both the tribe of Judah in the south, David’s home territory where he first came to power, and the ten northern tribes of Israel, where Saul ruled before David took over his kingdom. After the death of David’s son and heir Solomon, the tribes of Israel split from the united kingdom, and thus, beginning with David’s grandson Rehoboam, the house of David ruled only Judah, with its capital in Jerusalem. The Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.E. and the exile of the last Davidic kings, Jehoiakin and Zedekiah, ended the Davidic monarchy.

Lion of the tribe of Judah

A lion: the biblical symbol of the tribe of Judah.

The history of the tribe of Judah, which eventually became a nation, begins in the book of Genesis. Judah was the fourth son of the patriarch Jacob by his first wife, Leah (Genesis 29:35). He grew up with his brothers, working in the family business tending cattle and sheep.

In time Judah and his brothers developed hatred from jealousy and envy of their younger brother Joseph. Joseph was favored by his father, who gave him a special coat (Genesis 37:3). But it was when Joseph told his brothers about his dreams, which indicated he would be greater than them, that their hatred of him intensified (verses 5-11).

The hatred grew to the point that the brothers wanted to actually kill Joseph; but Reuben, the firstborn, stepped in to stop them. Joseph was placed in a pit; and while Reuben was absent, Judah came up with the idea of selling Joseph to Midianite traders for 20 shekels of silver (verses 18-22, 26-29)