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Mushroom Box, Eatable Mushroom Growing, Ordering, Chat

1.  Instructions to answer under the page under green letters. With web-links,

There is many ordinary eating mushrooms you can grow in home, and self cultivate, in normal small apartment rooms, with less then half a meter of room.

Anyone withe out exception is correct who knows  psychedelic plants or (psilocybin) magic mushrooms are healthy and more needed to human species then  alcohol, nicotine, narcotics or energy like drugs.
(this is not arguable or debatable with any other result then always strictly same outcome. This has always been so and will always be before and after humans. Between all true beliefs and cultures.)

More, the bits from the talk, did not include all as am right one way or another:
Chat with a  girl:
Linda: its partly coz of money

Margus: YES, this is what this nature is 100% For; SPECIALLY
it is nothng new to cure for nature, it is simple one
takes a day

Margus: You can order them, the mushrom spores from and syringes, and even the earth growing material, less then 100 euros, and you will have medicine for ower 10 people, and if you learn how to re grow, you will have for life time
it is legal to order spores, as it is not active
     /this website not working anymore, news for me but you should have told that, also how to surf in private if need less people to know what you surf as they can then add all your friend AND Aria orders under surveillance, that is why good to order ordinary mushrooms first and see how it grows../
Linda: we hv no place to grow

Margus: (to grow yourself openly, as you know. really hard job, needs extreme cleaness)
it is growing in normal home, room, corner
    /so bynow everything hasbeen told/
Linda: it all depends on temperature and soil and climate

Margus: can order few bags of eating mushrooms for test first,. from same place, see how easy it s
it is all provided

Linda: u think we havee a garden here for every house?
 /thats why i told it is in doors, inside bag/
Margus: tehnology is evolved on that aria
you not need carden, it is SEALED bag, that when ready grown u cut open
even needs no water i think

Linda: u loves to recommend this and that, but u don't think if i can bring it or not
 /only worry is is it possible to order/
Margus: i just want that you know what is possible, does matter less if you can or not, once you know what is posible your mind is more open to what can be

Linda: u don't even think about how the climate, soil, etc and if we can get good amount of sunlight here as well
Margus darling
 as i told, inside bag, in room, normal temperature.../
Margus: i know, it is all perfect and sorted
Margus: i told, it is sealed bag, it just needs, normal warm room, room less then one meter, and thats it, when they are ready grown you cut the bag open
bag is specially made for indoor grow and they have their own climate inside bag made

Linda: sometimes i just wonder if u understand what I'm trying to tell u

Margus: yes i know, did you read what i say, i wonder?
 / DID You, Really? /
Linda: i read, here we cannot grow outdoor

Margus: only thing that you have to worry, that is a law, as govemrents not want people to find aount about that "secret" and spread the knowladge

Linda: all is indoor under shades
 /Yes, that is Perfect, as i told, these bags ARE for indoor! Small Corner!/
Margus: GIRL
GO and read what i wrote, you realy ARRGH!
Why you do that?

Linda: Margus, arrrgghhh
u wrote this >>> " i told, it is sealed bad, it just needs, normal warm room, room lessthen one meter, and thats it, when they are ready grown you cut the bag open
bad is specially made for indoor grow and they have their own climate inside bad made "

Linda: I'm telling u, here everything to grow is indoor
 /here i just was not able to believe my eyes, YES; INDOOR!!! :D :D :D !
Margus: YES ????????????????

Linda: we don't hv proper soil to grow for mushrooms and no place
 /as i told, SOIL they sale, it is READY MADE PACKAGE, Herbalist learner you!/
Margus: So what did i told yo u?
Margus: as you not read what i write, or you read something else
Margus: read ONCE MRORE with spiritually open eyes what i write in bad english and see ,
tell me what you understood, in step by step, what i told

Linda: i can do test mushrooms to grow
 /That is good, start with that! : )) (finally?)/
Margus: ANY part you not uderstood you ask ok ?
or we ed up in argument, as we telling same thing and then arguing about it as it would be different

Margus: so plese, step by step now, what did i tell yu about mushrooms, 3 times almoust
and them tell me what parts, what points of it , is not possible

True that is, these things so great for me was so ordinary for many long time ago but worry better about these who still attempt to argue instead of agreeing with us, as there is only one truth about things we say is True

1. Order from Web Grow Kit or Syringes
2. Grow Kit has All You need, (You can also build Your own grow kit and soil is NOT needed)
3. Grow Kit just needs a Normal warm room, No sunlight (its a mushroom!)
4. When it is ready, cut open the bag OR pick from the Box (versions is many)

1. To order Grow Kit, and not sure how, then Google:  mushroom growing kit
You get lot of results of web store, in most country,

like that:
If you not get, at all, then You need IP changer like: It can change like you from another country, and also more private perhaps, installs to inside browser one click and can deactivate later.
Free version was good enough last time i look. If not able to install anything then:,,, websites like that help You to surf from another location also (have to look up how that works to your local filter, but test it with some website you know that are for sure blocked in your country), can use them in combination also.

The best mushroom websites: (forum about ALL of this) (REALLY good shop!) (other sellers) (forum and more sellers)  (Was before, now..)
(some old and new types)

So, there is a lot of instructions how to make grow box in home, how to make food for mushrooms that will stay sterile (most expensive item that would be good to have is pressure cooker! If some one has that it is a gold worth!)

I got a lot of videos and books on my computer about it, will upload them here some day, so one can read it on computer more easy.


So, to get started, You can go to one of the first proper websites (shroomery usually knows what is good):

and we can read:
The Mushroom Grow Kit Easy contains all you need to easily grow your own mushrooms at home. In three easy steps you will prepare a ready-to-grow cultivation box. Once the grow kit has been set-up, all you need to do is add water once, place it in the grow bag and wait for the shrooms to grow.
Cost: 36 Euros. 
Can pay also in bitcoin if needed - this is world wide private virtual currency that you can make transaction really cheap and in a way that there is no trace in banks. About that longer later.

Extra information:

The Mushroom Grow Kit Easy is based on the ready-to-grow cultivation method. One of the great advantages of this method is that you will only need to water the cultivation box once, instead of every day.
By using a layer of perlite on the bottom and moist vermiculite on top of the cultivation box a water buffer for the mushrooms is created. The grow bag with microporous filter patch allows contaminant free gas exchange but keeps humidity in, providing the perfect environment for mushroom growth.
Another great advantage of the Mushroom Grow kit Easy is that it uses a Mushbag with 425 grams sterilized rye. The Mushbag has a special air filter and rubber injection port that seals the bag hermetically after injection with the spore syringe.

Or another website:
Grow kit contains everything you need to grow your own stock of high quality McKennaii cubensis magic mushrooms. With the technical know-how of Amsterdamshops, this kit is specially designed and produced for home growers and will produce a yield with an average of 600-800 grams fresh mushrooms. Just follow the simple steps in the grow guide provided on the website.

The McKennaii 100% mycelium grow box contains:

  • 1x growbox with 1200 cc 100% living McKennaii mycelium.
  • 1x transparant cultivation bag with micro airfilter.
  • 2x paperclips to close the bag, maintaining humidity 90%.

The only things you need to cultivate McKennaii mushrooms are:

  • Fresh bottled water or use the cold water tap.
  • A bright place (no direct sunlight) for the McKennaii grow kit. with a temperature between 20 - 25 degrees celsius (68 - 77 Fahrenheid).
  • Two to three weeks patience for the first flush of McKennaii mushrooms.
Note: we ship all McKennaii mycelium grow kits without grow instructions and other marks.

(for privacy if someone else opens the package)
Cost: 60 Euros (they also accept bitcoin for sure)

If 60 Euros for 700 grams seems much, then know that is is amount of 15 people with price easily up to 25 euros a person if to buy (and it is rare to get fresh from someone, grown in your energy.)
+ Next time no need same price, just food and syringe.
If person are able to pay for ordinary holiday trip that does not change life and takes trouble, hundreds of pounds, then personally am would say even the "failed" experience is way much more worth then 100 pounds if one must put it in to a money.  (the real failed ones are the ones when you feel nothing at all as you had to much sugar or meat or wrong, meaty food body,)
All semi interested people will learn how to re grow all them self, takes little work but that is worth skill and care!

You can make your own steralizer rye and also there is instructions for mushroom box building as it is really easy, then you only need syringe, but it is for more clean and advanced people, simple persons can just order all pre-made and it is ok, good. There instead of Box was sold the bags also that was eve more easy (i know right, how can it be MORE easy...) but will look that up later, add here if feel like it

Just always remember, all our Internet traffic is always monitored (thats why the proxy links), and our hearts is known by God. So only do all that in good Heart, these are one of the world most safe medical mushrooms but also one of the most potent in responsibility and respect, no need to wast and "risk" for fun or for selling it for money, nothing good comes to use these God given holy plants for money, these store owners are all them self deep users of many kind, so they do it for serving Earth, first You need to use a lot even to start to realize, how important responsibility it is, how great it is and how serious (even thought you might have your life most fun nigh ever, and sometimes, if made with wrong arrogant mind, not taking account Nature needs, then You might also get teaching they call "bad trip" but be not worry about it, as if it comes is also needed, just make sure to go for new run with a respect. Some spirits cleaning is harsher job if the spirits have made us believe that they them self are us, kind of like in this video:)

Shipping is usually world wide, will make all other related information here available also, if someone motivates.

Other good read for women, few pages here what it is about:

Links what ordinary psychedelics do according to science (look first 5 small videos, ignore the swinging one):

The old news:
It is really easy to see if webpage has fake information about entheogens or real one, if they talk about worry and not positive effects that are much greater compared to really minimal trouble on Wrong usage, then they are fake, does not mater what supposed university study it was.  It is 100% fool proof method.
Always right.

It is like talking about negative effects of sun, yes.. there is (less for mushrooms) but can we live with out it for long time healthy, as human species?

Anyone who puts down Wikipedia for the accuracy of information lacking knowledge what is information, how it is made, how wikipedia is used and made and the basics, that Wikipedia has been tested on high medical and science topics and it is more informative then best sources used by top universities.
It has been tested many times, just some political topics get trolled sometimes by another world view, and when reading the Wiki realize, that these topic mentioned here is taboo in this world of atheists and other nature enemies, so these topics in wikipedia barely just can touch the surface of deepness of what God really planned with these plants. 
Much more can be find from user forums, and from research papers that has recorded the experiences in spiritual setting (that is only way it is meant to, as it is healing through spirit, this is the reason 2000+ years ago they anty-religion people started to ban and make myths up about all that, as these plants is one aspect of humans they was not able to control even with most terrible beings in co operation, up to now they are not, and they are willing to start new global war to suppress THIS information, that can take people to God of ONE and other beings that are around us but we developed so poor we not able to see. )
By god they made So safe, that even when taking 100 times more then needed you can NOT harm yourself, only one who can harm You most is the other person who reacting wrong around you when you middle of experience, so make sure not to be near strange people who would not like idea of God and Nature, when going to make an contact.
And oh, in small amounts, You will just feel more clear and sociable then on wine, minus the drunken feeling and  mistakes the people make alcohol, as these plants make you more respectful, you  might be more easy to get near to humans but you will not have clever ideas in head how to use them for your pleasure, as you will see the respect and deepness in all of us and appreciate them , Alcohol makes people DIFFERENT way lose the borders, they also sometimes add cleverness and "not afraid" feeling in wrong way, less caring way and clever way, but these kind of plants are making all that from deep respectful and clear knowledge way, of respecting yourself and in smaller amounts just making you laugh sometimes in first times because of the joy and fun, that you just now realized how easy and great the life is.

You can also easy see that with computers in brain in todays world, that another parts of brain are activated, nicer parts with psy medicine.

Other links:
Psy topics from Drug forum (prof.) (Extreme depth of detail) ("mind revealing". Psychedelic experiences are used in recreational, religious/mystical and therapeutic contexts.) psychedelic experience is said to reveal aspects of cognitive processing that are hidden from view in ordinary (sober) experiences. (In a 25-year followup to the experiment, all of the subjects given psilocybin described their experience as having elements of "a genuine mystical nature and characterized it as one of the high points of their spiritual life") (here are also studies which include reports of psilocybin mushrooms sending both obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) and OCD-related clinical depression (both being widespread and debilitating mental health conditions) into complete remission immediately and for up to months at a time including chronic cluster headaches)
when used properly, psilocybin acts as an antidepressant  components of psilocybin mushrooms have also been found to treat alcoholism and other addictions similar to LSD-25. (First, sensory perceptions become especially brilliant and intense. Normally unnoticed aspects of the environment capture the attention; ordinary objects are seen as if for the first time and acquire new depths of significance. Esthetic responses are greatly heightened) (The present day Arabic word for alcohol appears in The Qur'an (in verse 37:47) as الغول al-ġawl, properly meaning "spirit" or "demon", in the sense of "the thing that gives the wine its headiness.
An entheogen ("generating the divine within")[4] is a chemical substance used in a religious, shamanic, or spiritual context
Common recreational drugs that cause chemical dependence have a history of entheogenic use. Perhaps because they could not (did not) access traditional entheogens as shamans were very secret (respectful) with their sacraments who regarded non-visioning sacraments as hedonistic.
(Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure is the primary or most important intrinsic good.[1] In very simple terms, a hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain)

L. E. Hollister's criteria for establishing that a drug is hallucinogenic is:[19]
  • in proportion to other effects, changes in thought, perception, and mood should predominate;
  • intellectual or memory impairment should be minimal;
  • stupor, narcosis, or excessive stimulation should not be an integral effect;
  • autonomic nervous system side effects should be minimal; and
  • addictive craving should be absent.
The drugs mentioned here have occasionally been used by some shamans but they are psychoactive drugs that are not classified as hallucinogens (psychedelic, dissociative or deliriant). These drugs are not researched chemicals for psychedelic therapy as they have low therapeutic index.)

NOT Therapeutic, not hallucinogenic dangerous addictive or harmful drugs:
   Kava (Anxiolytic)
   Coca (cocaine dependence.)
   Alcoholic beverages
(e.g. wine) (Physical dependence)
   Khat (mild-to-moderate psychological  (less than tobacco or alcohol)
   Mapacho (Uncured tobacco contains nicotine which is addictive)
   Opium poppy (Physical dependence)

Some other people who like  and are open about truth:
Master website of all drugs, by professionals of many kind to ordinary people: (over 3 million users per month)
Anther great drug forum, in partner with MAPS:

For more mystical people:

Mushroom index list:

Cultivation and:
Loads of hippies:
Some musroom portal reviews:
Mushroom FAQ from Erowid
Just guide to trie mushrooms:
Website address explain it all (loads of info): to find and pick:
More experiences and all:

Related topic 1:
Related topic 2
ONE more thing to take in to note: (why nothing can not be stoped)

So always make sure, all effects are counted, like in here:
If ANY educational site "forgets" to mention "positive life changing" effect that is common to happen but mentions rare headache (that comes from fight of realization, opening up, training new parts of brain, lousy usage ... just remember, headache with no regular benefit is ORDINARY side effect of alcohol usage on many people).
In fact, these mushrooms ARE used as one of the most effective tool for Cure of fear, depression, trauma and headaches - as after human are shown what human can be and is, we to put it simply can activate self healing and in other ways just brush away the pain (many more spiritual happenings and positive terminology but let it be, it is pure human supporting nature, patient and calm in the end. For many, already in the beginning.)

Oh i promised to talk about bitcoin as well, did i, Will make this one easy, just will enable few good videos about one of my favorite people behind it all:
" Who going to take care of Me? You are going to take care of You! "  (Amir Taaki defends Bitcoin crypto currency BBC (make sure to read the title bar updates to the end) ) (Amit: Macao, how to buy psychedelics online, there is now other places then SilkRoad..)

(bdw - about first Anarc video: am personally, margus big fan of dragons and Queens, specially the good ones)

So now You know,
so where was we...

I think it is insult to just "try it out" few times.. as why would you "TRY" something and put away that is SO beneficial to the end of life but keep using, daily other things that does not benefit you, does not care for you and is sometimes even counter productive of your life.. and you keep using and looking, these other things, from pleasure TV time to these sweets.
Am not even starting to talk about addiction of dead animals eating, as that is another deep level screwed up that many humans take part daily. But do complain if someone want to eat them. Making them self King of planet that we can rule and eat anything we want (well, except sometimes these laws about plants that make us aware about situation..), then refusing to believe in God that was supposedly only one grating that right first of all for temporally time, and then just forcing other to believe, that we are alone, on the search of aliens and that we are clearly superior race in galaxy that we have ever known.  What a epic bollox they teach in school as that what it narrows down in a sub consciousness (or what ever that is, program) in school, resulting all kind of ill behavior and illness also, showing us clearly that we in big part become more and more weaker depending on machines who slave us slowly boiling in us in our own juice. And we thought oysters got it bad. Well, they do after humans come a long but as humans know what gos around comes around, just when the round reaches you it comes much bigger way, but these are still lucky who are able to see the result of their own actions, to repent with mushrooms, many ways.. as there is SO many levels we have lived wrong, so long, and so many god people have try in past to serve forces wrongly that in a way that no one would even dare make x rated movie about it as that would even turn off most extreme weirdness enjoys specially when they realize, that it is for real, and their time might not come as that was done for them.. to save them from it...
But as it seems from travels, only thing we needed to do is learn from nature and not turn violence back against the attackers, as all you do will be waited for with great pleasure by the ones who will NEWER personally come to attack you anyway.. but they need the back hit for the history story book to turn good against good and bad against bad if needed to confuse good so they would join in with bad so other bad and good can attack them as they was in team with bad... and then it is all bad all over and as soon forgiving becomes to obvious the new show is made, as last thing you want from the perspective of the ones who want do not wanna loose imaginary game..  is people sitting calmly and maybe figuring out how to prevent You, the Tyrann, doing only thing you believe you are god at.

You know, after thinking about it, maybe you do not need a mushroom, just is also sufficient if you listen what i say in belief and more then that do what we say that is good.  ...but rare are the people who would be able to believe  calmly

But ths is seriously, am even remember who cat my head last time in Balti Station before going to EU Founder King Awards... from there on am just let it be as it is, ignoring mirror for months,.. only brushing with fingers and washing with water when possible. And still sometimes.. people ask.."Hey.. you are like.." I am like Me, True Me, as this is most natural truth, when You stop modeling yourself, then you also will be You as you really are, originally
With the time, am have grown
but still Green

For Isza

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