Tuesday, March 31, 2009

happylove2 from GoLive.ee Eesti Keeles :D

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Loetud › 03/31/2009 16:35
Pealkiri › happiness1984john@yahoo.com

Armsaim Üks.
Minu nimi on Happiness, ma olen väga hea, kena ja lugupidav noor tüdruk armastuse, hoolivat, toetavad, Sincere, Easy lähed, Romatic ja hea maine. Ma olen otsinud väga ilus ja arusaadav mees terviklikkus, Kohe läbimas oma profiili siin "golive.ee", tahaksin pealevõtmispiirkond huvi teil seetõttu ma nagu sa vastata minu sõnum mainitud E-posti aadress (happiness1984john @ yahoo.com) nii, ma annan sulle minu pilte ja rohkem mulle, et saaksime edasi minna. Kallis, mul on vaja kedagi, kes on tõsiselt sõprus, mitte neid, et mängida mitmele südames.



Dearest One.
My name is Happiness, I am a very good, nice and respectful young girl of love, Caring, Supportive, Sincere, Easy going, Romatic and of good reputation. I am looking for a very nice and understandable man of integrity, Immediately going through your profile here on "golive.ee", I pick interest in you, Therefore I will like you to reply my message with mentioned E-mail address (happiness1984john@yahoo.com) so I will give you my pictures and more about me so we can move forward. Dear, I need someone who is seriously for friendship, Not those that play with someones heart.


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